ODR for traders

ECC Norway is the contact point for the ODR platform in Norway.

About the ODR platform

The Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform is provided by the European Commission to allow consumers and traders in the EU or Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein to resolve disputes relating to online purchases of goods and services without going to court.

The service is free of charge, and provides translations in all EU languages and Norwegian.

ODR platform  General questions 

Why register

If a complaint is made against you using the ODR platform, then you will have to be registered on the platform to be able to deal with it.

By registering on the platform, you will make it easier for your customers to engage with you and you will ensure that any complaints made about you using the platform are received by you at your chosen email address. This way you will ensure smoother complaint handling and avoid unnecessary escalation of complaints.

In some countries, you can also use this site if you are a trader and you want to complain about a consumer over a good or service you sold online.


Using the ODR platform

The ODR platform is designed to facilitate communication between you, your customer and a dispute resolution body. A dispute resolution body is an impartial organization or individual that helps consumers and traders resolve disputes without going to court.

Under European law, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can be used for any dispute arising from a contract between a trader and consumer, whether the product was bought online or offline or whether you and your customer live in the same or in different EU countries.

The ODR platform uses only quality independent dispute resolution bodies that have been approved for quality standards relating to fairness, efficiency and accessibility.

The ODR platform also makes the process of ADR easier by providing automated translations between all EU languages, as well as information and support throughout.