Counterfeit products

To buy or not to buy a knockoff? And, what if I was tricked into purchasing a counterfeit product?

What are counterfeit products?

Counterfeit products, also referred to as “knockoffs”, are reproduced copies of products with a special trademark, design or patent (intellectual property rights).

“Innocently” buying a counterfeit product can have big consequences. Italy, for instance, is known for fining purchases of counterfeit goods with up to five figures.  

Norwegian Customs can detain goods that are suspected of being counterfeited on their own initiative. For further information about regulations regarding counterfeit products, click here.

Purchase of counterfeit products abroad

If you purchased the product online or in a store abroad, and you could reasonably expect its authenticity, you can cancel the purchase and demand a refund. There is, however, a low probability of getting a refund if someone has intentionally deceived you. If this is the case, you try and get a refund from your bank through chargeback.

Right of withdrawal

If you have purchased a product online that turned out to be a counterfeit, you can use your right of withdrawal.

Norwegian Customs

If you suspect smuggling or sales of counterfeit products, you can alert Norwegian Customs by phone 04812, or by email