Subscription traps

Trapped in a subscription you cannot get out of? Get advice here.

Is the contract valid?

If a contract is concluded electronically the trader must inform you of all costs in a clear and transparent way before the order is placed. Meaning that if a trader did not inform you of the total cost beforehand, the contract may not be binding.  

The trader also has to ensure that the consumer understands that the order entails an obligation to pay. If the order is placed by pushing a button, the button has to be marked in a clear and obvious way, such as “buy now” or “place order”. 

Right of withdrawal?

You have 2 weeks to cancel the purchase, starting on the day you received the product and all necessary information or on the day after you agreed to purchase a service. If you did not receive a completed cancellation form from the trader, the cooling-off period is extended by up to 12 months. You can read more about the right of withdrawal here.

I did not order anything

You are not obligated to pay for items you did not order. More information on this subject can be found here.  

How do I complain?

Regardless of whether your card has been charged directly or you have received an invoice by post, it is important that you notify the trader in writing that you would like to cancel your subscription.

Getting your money back

You should immediately contact your bank if your card has been charged without your authorisation. Your card provider is obligated to refund unauthorised payments. You should also inform them that any future charges by this trader are unauthorised. If the charges continue, you should consider blocking your card.  

Debt collection

If a claim is sent to a collection agency, it is equally important to contest the claim made by the collection agency. Debt collection agencies should not deal with debts once they become disputed. If the trader continues to demand payments, the claim will have to be settled by the Conciliation Board.