Before taking off

Here you can find information regarding, booking, cancellation, tax refunds and bankruptcy.


When you book a flight online you are responsible for submitting the correct information. Check that the names of the passengers, contact information, destination, times etc are correct before you confirm the order.

The European Commission has a blacklist of airlines that are banned within the EU and it is not recommended to use this companies outside of the EU either. You can find the list here.


Remember; no matter how or where you order your flights, you do not have the right of withdrawal! You will not receive a refund for cancellation unless it is stated in the T&C or the cancellation is covered by your insurance. You can also choose to purchase cancellation insurance, but make sure you check the terms and conditions.

For more expensive, flexible tickets, the airlines will often let you cancel with or without a fee. Some airlines also allow you to change your ticket within a certain time with or without an extra fee.

To make sure you do not encounter problems it is important to check the terms for cancellation and possibilities to change your ticket before you place your order. 

Airport tax refund

If you for whatever reason do not travel on your booked flight, you are entitled to a refund of the airport taxes. You have the right to a refund regardless of the type of ticket you have purchased.

SAS will refund taxes and other relevant charges if you send an e-mail with your booking reference and name to: Norwegian will refund taxes and charges if you send an email with your reference number to: Norwegian charges 50 NOK per person per flight leg for refunding.

If you have traveled with another company, contact the airline to ask how you can claim your refund.


If the airline goes bankrupt after you have booked your flight, but before you have traveled, you have the right to a refund. Unfortunately a claim through the bankruptcy trustee will normally not result in a refund.

If the flight is part of a package travel, you can request a refund through Reisegarantifondet.

If you have paid for your flight with a bank card or credit card, you can request a refund from your card provider.