Complaints procedure

1. Send complaint to trader

Who is responsible?

If the defect can be traced back to the time of purchase, you can use your legal guarantee. If the defect is due to a production error, or you did not receive what you paid for, the trader is responsible. If you were aware of the defect, or it is due to something you did, you will have to foot the bill yourself. You can also check to see if you are covered by your insurance.

To whom should I complain?

The trader is obligated to consider your complaint, so we recommend that you deal with him. In Norway you may submit your complaint to the manufacturer, but this is not an option in all countries. Check your commercial guarantee to see which obligations the manufacturer has.

How do I complain?

Complain in writing, and attach the receipt and other relevant documentation. Complaining in writing reduces the chance of misunderstandings, and can serve as proof that you complained within the deadline. You can always complain in the language in which the trader addressed you.

2. Chargeback

What is chargeback?

If you paid by credit card it is possible to submit a claim to the credit provider for a refund. In other words, should you, for instance, not receive your item you can submit a claim directly to your bank for a refund.

How do I proceed?

You should always try to resolve the matter with the trader first. However, if you are unable to reach an agreement you can direct your claim towards your credit provider (this will normally be your bank). Submit the claim in writing and attach all relevant documentation, such as receipts and correspondence with the trader. You can read more about chargeback here.

3. Complaint bodies and mediation

ECC Norway

ECC Norway can mediate when you have purchased a service or item from a trader in EU/EEA. Please use our contact form.

Contact us


Flight complaint

If your claim towards the airline was denied, you can forward your complaint to a national enforcement body (NEB). Find the correct NEB:

  • Did the problem occur inside the EU/EEA area? If so, send the complaint to the NEB where the problem first occurred.
  • Did the problem occur outside of the EU/EEA area? If so, send the complaint to the NEB of the flights final destination.
National Enforcement Bodies


Rental car complaint

If your claim towards the rental car company was denied, you can forward your complaint to European Car Rental Conciliation Service (ECRCS) if the company is a member.


Complaint regarding an online purchase

You can submit a complaint regarding an item or service you have bought online through the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform. You can read more about the platform here.


Legal procedures

Were you unable to find a solution with the trader? Then you can take legal steps. Be aware that you might be liable for the expenses. Even if the dispute occurred in a different country, it is sometimes possible to bring the case before a Norwegian judge. However, if this is not possible then the case must be tried in the country where the dispute occurred, or where the trader is located.