Customs duties and VAT

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Costs when you shop online

The legislation that regulates import of goods to Norway has been changed. The changes will apply from 1st of January 2020. Part of the information below will therefore be incorrect from 1st of January 2020. We will update the information at a later stage. For questions, please contact Norwegian Customs or visit

VAT: If the shipment has a value of NOK 350 or more including freight and insurance, you must pay 25 per cent VAT (15 per cent for food and non-alcoholic beverages).

Customs duty: Most products are not liable for customs duty. In simple terms, duty only applies to clothes and food. You can use Norwegian Customs’ import calculator to calculate the full cost of your item(s).

Fee: The shipping agent (in most cases Posten) usually charges a declaration fee. This is not a fee to Norwegian Customs, but a fee charged by the shipping agent.


It is possible to be reimbursed customs duty and VAT for items you return. Applications for VAT refunds must be sent to the Norwegian Tax Administration. Applications for duty refunds must be sent to the customs region. Note that they do not reimburse costs below NOK 100.

Price information

You have the right to receive all information pertaining to the total price of your item(s) when placing an order. Meaning that you should always be informed of any additional costs such as customs, VAT and shipping. If you did not get this information before ordering, you can ask that the trader pay the additional expenses.

For more information about customs duties and VAT, visit Norway Customs’ website.